Business aviation consulting for private jet owners and the aircraft finance industry

Physical distancing taken literally: Our services are now also available for non-European buyers, sellers and brokers


We deliver customised solutions and expert advice for your individual business aviation requirements

Every business jet and every aircraft owner is unique. This demands a customised, personal approach. Especially in times of algorithms and social distancing.


Human Intelligence, personal interaction and vast experience will beat Artificial Intelligence any time. Our consulting services maximize the value of your time and financial resources.

Private flying will always remain a resource-intensive endeavor, given the laws of physics on our planet. We help you optimize the impact on our common basis of existence.

European and international clients hire us for bespoke business aviation consulting services

Private Jet Appraisals and Valuations

Aircraft Asset Monitoring and Audits

Aircraft Operation Cost Controlling

Aircraft Maintenance Cost Controlling

Private Jet Finance Brokerage

Pre-Purchase Inspection Assistance

Aircraft Refurbishment Oversight

Second Opinion Reports

Responsible Flying

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