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We add value to your private jet by taking care of the details

Selling a business jet fast and at a desired price could be as simple as deep cleaning the carpet and decluttering storage space.


We let potential buyers recognise the value of your private jet

Will a $500 cabin air treatment add $100,000 to your sales price? Or entice a potential buyer to consider your aircraft at all?


You know that your private jet is valuable. Still, many times it takes a few cosmetic improvements to help potential buyers see its value, too.

From due maintenance to cosmetic upgrades and general housekeeping: We will advise you which projects will add the most value based on your specific aircraft condition and maintenance status.

Tips to get you started



Galley, credenzas, drawers, lavatories and cockpit are typical areas of excess clutter. MarieKondo as much as possible, even if you don't intend to sell.



Credenza, conference table and lavatory. Do it with purpose and not too much. Depending on potential buyer, avoid alcoholic displays.


Deep cleaning of carpets, soft goods, veneers, headliners and cockpit. Consider ozone air treatment to remove unwanted smells.


Have wood veneers touched-up and polished. Consider replacing worn carpets or protectors.


Have external power available to fully lighten the cabin, operate instruments, cabin monitors and touch-control panels. Use mood lighting with caution.



Deep cleaning of the complete exterior including landing gears. Consider polishing and treating the paint and brightwork. Remove company or other decals that have meaning only to you. Remove excess fluids from drains.


Have paint touched-up and polished. Consider polishing the windows. Clear any open items in the Hold Item List and make sure that the aircraft is fully operational, including exterior lights.


Have a clean and welcoming carpet, or none at all. Install new or remove worn leather hand-rail covers. Store usually worn pitot-static covers in a secure place. Allow visitors to keep shoes on or provide shoe covers.


Have the aircraft powered before the potential buyer arrives. Avoid using the APU as energy source due to noise and dangerous exhaust gases.

Need more info?

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Request a private consultation


See how we can take the guesswork out of the equation and minimize the unknown.


Aircraft viewings and pre-buy inspections


From finding the right facilities to interpreting the results and advising on rectifications. We know which traps to avoid.

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