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Private Jet Viewings and Pre-Purchase Inspections

Too often a deal breaker caused by seemingly insignificant details. Smooth sailing for you with a transaction specialist on your side.

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Make the most of a private jet viewing

A private or business jet viewing is one of the most important hurdles to take in the early stages of an aircraft transaction. Therefore it's to your advantage to be proactive and work with an experienced broker ahead of time. We are familiar with typical pitfalls.

If you are selling, we can cue you into simple and often seemingly insignificant projects to complete before the inspection happens. 


Based on the aircraft viewing when you are buying, we will provide a written opinion about whether to proceed with the transaction, the right price, and assist your legal advisors with contingency clauses if needed.


The not so dreaded pre-buy inspection

A typical pre-purchase inspection will often reveal unpleasant findings for the uninitiated buyer. For an experienced broker or aviation consultant however, these findings will have been anticipated and their proper rectification becomes part of the pre-closing stage.

We will refer and recommend a reputable inspection facility and interpret the pre-buy inspection report together. We will share our opinion whether the deal should proceed and the aircraft can be accepted in accordance with the purchase agreement, or if it's better to walk away.

To very liberally quote Neil Young: It's better to walk away than to burn out.

Need more info?

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Request a private consultation


See how we can take the guesswork out of the equation and minimize the unknown.

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Preparing your aircraft for sale


From smells to looks. You'll never make a second first impression. Even the smallest things can kill the deal.

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