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Sell a private or business jet fast with the right price

Make an informed and confident decision. We have the tools and experience that you need.


Could one of the first qualified offers be the best?

The endowment effect postulates that we overestimate the value of the things we own. This can cost a seller dearly, when his aircraft sits on the market for too long.

For any private jet and at any time, there are only a handful of qualified buyers in the market. Worldwide. Sometimes even less. Since most of them will have been scouting with experienced brokers for some time, they will likely know current market values before you do.

Our tools and market expertise help you match current market value with sales price right at the beginning. You don't want to discourage a qualified buyer or give the impression in the market that you are not a real seller with an unreasonable asking price.

How we determine the current market value of a private jet


Visual inspection of your private jet and review of the maintenance records and status.


Analyse comparable jets for sale, by geographic region, market segment and age.


Get insight into historical sales prices, current market trends and other factors.


Find hidden opportunities like maintenance programs to increase your sale price.

Need more info?

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Request a private consultation


See how we can take the guesswork out of the equation and minimize the unknown.


Aircraft viewings and pre-buy inspections


From finding the right facilities to interpreting the results and advising on rectifications. We know which traps to avoid.

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